Sunset at Waterrock Knob

Located in Western North Carolina, and right next the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway is a historic, quiet, and quaint town named Maggie Valley.

Maggie Valley is full of wonderful things to do and places to see.  Maggie Valley is also at the center of many fun and exciting things to see and do in Western North Carolina.

Welcome to Maggie Valley NC

The purpose of Maggie Valley NC Life is to serve as a travel guide for visitors, just like you.  Our whole purpose is to help you and your family find awesome things to do, magical places to see, fun attractions, great places to eat, and great places to rest and relax.

We’ll share not only the most popular places with you, but also the “off the beaten path” places to go and see as well.  As locals to the area, we’ll give you the “inside scoop” and tips that only a local could provide.

We’ll share information on many places to see and visit, all around Maggie Valley and within a 1 hour drive.

Jonathan Creek in Maggie Valley NC

Jonathan Creek in Maggie Valley NC

Who is behind this site?

My name is Larry, and I live in Maggie Valley NC with my wife and kids.   My wife and I have been visiting Maggie Valley and Western North Carolina since we were kids, and while we were dating.

Once we were married and started having children, we brought them here as well.    We decided to make Maggie Valley NC our home 10 years ago, and moving here is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

We’re active photographers, hikers, and waterfall’a’holics.  We love being outdoors whenever we can.  We spend almost every weekend out exploring some new trail or waterfall with our kids along for the ride.   This allows us to not only share all the great trails and places to see, but also provide details on which ones are family friendly, and which aren’t.

We also run a larger site for the Blue Ridge Mountains in general, called Blue Ridge Mountain Life.

We love living the Maggie Valley Life, and love being a part of this community.  This site is a way for us to share our love for Maggie Valley, its visitors, and community.  We hope you find it helpful!

** All of the photos, unless otherwise noted, are taken by us, and are Copyright of Blue Ridge Mountain Life.   Use of our photos is not permitted without permission.  Please do not download them, or crop off the watermark.  Feel free to share them on social media all that you would like, as long as the watermark stays intact, and we would greatly appreciate a link to this site or our Blue Ridge Mountain Life site!

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