UPDATE: Ghost Town may be Reopening

Ghost Town Reopening

Ghost Town in the Sky is currently a closed and historic Old-West themed amusement park, located in Maggie Valley NC.  The park was a huge attraction during the 60s, 70s, and 80s with families visiting the area.  For a number of reasons, the park closed in 2009 and has not re-opened since.

The Park has had a few false starts since 2009, with several attempts to rebrand and reopen it.  Unfortunately, all of them have failed, leaving many to wonder if the park will ever re-open again.  

This article provides current information on the status of the Ghost Town property, and any attempts to reopen it.

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Cover Photo by: Mike Burton

The following sections provide the latest updates on Ghost Town:

11/2019 - Ghost Town under contract again

The Ghost Town property is now under contract once again.   There are no details on the potential buyer or the contract price.  We have been told by official sources that "due diligence" for the property is underway.   

We'll keep you updated as we hear more!

7/5/2019 - Ghost Town Up For Sale Once Again - Not Reopening as planned

The MLS listing for Ghost Town, now shows that the Ghost Town property is no longer under contract and available for sale again.  Our sources confirmed that the offer extended by the Oberle group in April has expired, and the property is again available for $5.95 million.

The property owner continues to discuss sales of Ghost Town with potential buyers, but nothing is confirmed at this time.  

Ghost Town Maggie Valley

Ghost Town Gun Fight - Photo by Myron Carter

 Sale of the property will become more difficult as it continues to age and deteriorate.  Recent vandalism and theft of property from historic Ghost Town, will  make selling it even more difficult.

While many Maggie Valley locals and visitors remain hopeful that Ghost Town may once again reopen, as efforts continue to fail, that hope is quickly diminishing and many locals are saying it will never open again.   

Fortunately, since Ghost Town's closure, Maggie Valley has "moved on", and while a re-opening of Ghost Town would be welcome, it's not necessary in the re-growth and success of Maggie Valley as a tourist destination.  Maggie Valley NC is full of, and surrounded by things to see and do.  Many new businesses have opened recently, and many more are coming.

April 2019 - Ghost Town under contract

A local investment group, The Oberle Group, has put a contract for purchase on the Ghost Town Property.    The Oberle Group is owned by Spencer and Valerie Oberle, contractors and consultants for Lamar Berry's "efforts" to re-open Ghost Town.  The Oberle's are both retired Disney executives, and have a 5 year plan in place for the park, that involves a phased opening.

A soft opening of Ghost Town towards the end of this summer as been hinted at, and a target opening of 2020.

November 2018 - Plans to re-open Ghost Town fall through under allegations of Fraud

The current plans to re-open Ghost Town, have apparently fallen through, and Ghost Town is now again up for sale.   

Lawsuits have been filed by multiple Haywood county residents and business owners, against the lead Developer, Lamar Berry.   A local Inn Owner, filed suit, claiming Lamar left without paying his extensive bill.

A local contractor, doing the construction work at Ghost Town as filed a lien on the property, exceeding $52,000 dollars for unpaid work.

Berry has apparently left town, and the current deal in progress is now stopped.

11/7/2018 - Legal Troubles

 An article in the local newspaper, Smoky Mountain News, highlights two legal actions filed in Haywood county courts:

  1. The first is is filed against Lamar Berry, the CEO of Ghost Town LLC, by a local Maggie Valley innkeeper.  According to the article, Mr. Berry left the Inn without paying his bill.
  2. The second legal action is by contractor, Clark and Leatherwood, Inc, who have filed "what’s known as a claim of lien on real property against Lula, LLC, Alaska Presley’s corporation that owns the 98-acre, $3.2 million parcel of land upon which Ghost Town sits. "  The lien is in the amount of $52,551 in labor and materials.

Officials from Ghost Town Adventure Park, LLC have declined to comment on the legal actions at this time.    We do not know what impact this may or may not have on the planned Spring 2019 opening.

9/4/2018 - Update on Progress

Valerie Oberle, the public face of Ghost Town Adventure Park, gave a presentation to the Maggie Valley Civic Association.  We attended, and returned with the following interesting bits of information from that meeting:

  • Planned opening is Late Spring 2019
  • The Skylift will be open for the opening and will be the primary way to reach Ghost Town Adventure Park
  • The Sky Lift will take you to the first level, called Heritage Landing which will have games, a restaurant and entertainment
  • Other levels and something she referred to as "Beyond Ghost Town" will be announced and developed later, so more to come on those
  • Their General contractor Clark & Leatherwood has been hired - Driving all renovations and construction
  • Initial work started with the welcome center, which has a new floor
  • The park will be Western NC at it’s finest.
  • Old Ghost Town and New Ghost Town - Buildings in old Ghost Town will look very much like they did in the old days
  • They will continue to add new attractions year after year to keep people coming back.
  • They have a 5-year plan for a park that "everyone in Maggie Valley will be very proud of"
  • Valerie and her husband Spencer (also an executive) are both now residents of Maggie Valley and living in a long-term rental.
  • They will have part-time and full jobs - They will be seasonal. They will be hiring locally as much as possible
  • Valerie talked about another business called Route 19 opening near Ghost Town - This will be a renovated hotel.

5/14/2018 - Ghost Town to Reopen

On May 14th of 2018, the following press release was made, by a newly formed company called Ghost Town Adventures:

A newly created company, Ghost Town Adventures, has purchased the existing Ghost Town Property.  Their plan is to revive Ghost Town Village, and re-open for the Spring of 2019.

The Ghost Town property has been up for sale for a number of years, and most local residents are excited about the new purchase.    

Lamar Berry, Chairman, and CEO of Ghost Town Adventures has been negotiating the purchase of the existing Ghost Town Property.   Berry and his partners are beginning to take steps to restore the park and add some new items to the mix as well.   Many of the existing buildings will be re-opened, along with bringing back the original gun shows.  

From the recent press release, Berry stated: “I am thrilled with the team that will be taking over the beloved Ghost Town park as they understand the importance of my desire to create a great family experience to honor the heritage of Ghost Town while bringing the park into the future,” stated Presley in a news release on the project.


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