Maggie Mountaineer Crafts

Maggie Mountaineer Crafts has been in business in Maggie Valley NC for more than 65 years, and has become a “must visit’ shop for most visitors when coming into town.  One of the most popular photo stops in town is the old pickup, moonshine still and outhouse out in from the store.  These, along with the store, and their gardens behind the store are incredibly popular with visitors.

Maggie Mountaineer Crafts

When entering Maggie Valley, coming form I-40, it’s hard to miss Maggie Mountaineer Crafts.  They are the first large store on the right as you enter the main area of Maggie Valley.

When you pull into Maggie Mountaineer Crafts, the first thing you’ll notice are the old pickup, moonshine still, and outhouse out front.   All of these often decorated with a seasonal flare.   Take a few minutes to take some photos with the big bear, or maybe standing by the outhouse.

This has been the spot for thousands for family photos through the years.  Everyone always has a great time, and this iconic Maggie Valley photos spot is immediately recognizable by many.

The front porch of the store is gorgeous, and full of decorations and items for sale.  Head on in, and you’ll find more than 8,000 square feet of retail space, packed full of items for sale, including:  Mountain memorabilia, Jams & Jellies, Honey, Molasses, Native American Items, Moccasins, clothing, toys, books, calendars, photos, knives, and tons of other items.

They even make their own homemade fudge and turtles right in the store, that frankly are the best in the valley.  Made fresh daily, you’ll find all kinds of flavors (more than 35), and probably a different one each time you visit.

Like most of the businesses in Maggie Valley, Maggie Mountain Crafts is a family-owned business, and you can expect friendly, courteous, and “down home” treatment when you visit from the both the owners and the staff.

Don’t miss out on the gardens and creek behind the store!   Head out back, and enjoy the peaceful gardens and sounds of Jonathan Creek as it runs directly behind the store.   Sit at a picnic table or grab a rocking chair, and relax.  The store has both flower and vegetable gardens here, for all to enjoy.

Creek Side

>> Be sure to stop by when you visit – Browse the store, grab some of their wonderful fudge, and pick up some of their unique items to bring home.   Oh!  Be sure and let them know you heard/read about them on Maggie Valley NC Life! <<

Hours of Operation and Information

Summer Hours: Monday – Sunday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Seasonal:  Call ahead, the store is generally closed in the winter.

Location: 2394 Soco Rd Maggie Valley, North Carolina

Phone: (828) 926-3129

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Maggie Mountaineer Crafts History

In 1950, one of the two shops in Maggie Valley was Maggie Mountaineer Crafts, owned by the Parham family.  In 1974, Sue and Austin Pendley bought Maggie Mountaineer Crafts and still own it today, more than 43 years later.

Today, Sue Pendley, and her son Brad run the business along with many other employees.  The store has grown tremendously over the years, and has become an iconic Maggie Valley business, well known throughout the area and Western North Carolina.

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