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Maggie Valley Fitness
Maggie Valley Fitness

Maggie Mountain Fitness

The Maggie Valley and Waynesville NC areas have wellness and spa history that goes back centuries.   Nearby Waynesville, was a popular railroad destination for vacationers heading to Hot Springs, NC.  Hot Springs was nationally famous for it’s natural and hot, mineral filled waters.  These waters were well known for treating many common ailments.

While visiting Maggie Valley NC, don’t neglect yourself or slack off on that workout routine.   Maggie Valley and the mountains are an ideal place to relax, workout and pamper yourself.  The high elevation and clean crisp air can do wonders for your personal health and will lower your stress levels.

Whether you’re here to relax, spend a romantic getaway, or continue progress on increasing your health and fitness, Maggie Valley is a perfect destination!

Maggie Valley Fitness

Maggie Valley Wellness

Spa, Massage and Fitness in Maggie Valley NC

Here is a list of Fitness centers, massage centers, spas, and wellness stores in the Maggie Valley area for you to enjoy:

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Maggie Mountain Fitness
Fitness Classes and personal training, Full Gym, Karate, Tanning, Massage, pool and hot tub access year round - 1370 Soco Rd Maggie Valley, NC - (828) 564-3639
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Maggie Valley Wellness Center
Your one stop shop offering preventative and holistic modalities in the fields of massage, yoga, skin care, acupuncture, hair and nail services and ayurvedic diet and lifestyle counseling - 461 Moody Farm Road, Maggie Valley NC - (828) 944-0288
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Patti Burke Zumba Instructor
Zumba is: fun! stress relieving! has great music! with great moves! Come join Patti, she guarantees you will have a blast! A Zumba licensed instructor - her schedule can be found here:
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Wild Market
"We believe in bringing you the best products that are completely natural." - 3493 Soco Road, Maggie Valley, NC - 828-926-9411
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